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Authors: Giuseppe Bertuccio, Simona Binetti, S. Caccia, R. Casiraghi, Antonio Castaldini, Anna Cavallini, Claudio Lanzieri, Alessia Le Donne, Filippo Nava, Sergio Pizzini, L. Rigutti, G. Verzellesi
Abstract: High performance SiC detectors for ionising radiation have been designed, manufactured and tested. Schottky junctions on low-doped epitaxial 4H-SiC with leakage current densities of few pA/cm2 at room temperature has been realised at this purpose. The epitaxial layer has been characterised at different dose of radiations in order to investigate the SiC radiation hardness. The response of the detectors to alpha and beta particle and to soft X-ray have been measured. High energy resolution and full charge collection efficiency have been successfully demonstrated.
Authors: Giuseppe Bertuccio, S. Caccia, Filippo Nava, Gaetano Foti, Donatella Puglisi, Claudio Lanzieri, S. Lavanga, Giuseppe Abbondanza, Danilo Crippa, F. Preti
Abstract: The design and the experimental results of some prototypes of SiC X-ray detectors are presented. The devices have been manufactured on a 2’’ 4H-SiC wafer with 115 m thick undoped high purity epitaxial layer, which constitutes the detection’s active volume. Pad and pixel detectors based on Ni-Schottky junctions have been tested. The residual doping of the epi-layer was found to be extremely low, 3.7 x 1013 cm-3, allowing to achieve the highest detection efficiency and the lower specific capacitance of the detectors. At +22°C and in operating bias condition, the reverse current densities of the detector’s Schottky junctions have been measured to be between J=0.3 pA/cm2 and J=4 pA/cm2; these values are more than two orders of magnitude lower than those of state of the art silicon detectors. With such low leakage currents, the equivalent electronic noise of SiC pixel detectors is as low as 0.5 electrons r.m.s at room temperature, which represents a new state of the art in the scenario of semiconductor radiation detectors.
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