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Authors: S. Jayalakshmi, Eric Fleury, Ki Bae Kim
Abstract: Ti50Zr25Cu25 in-situ composite ribbons consisting of metastable β-Ti crystalline phase in an amorphous matrix was studied for its structural stability and mechanical properties after hydrogenation. On annealing, dissolution of the metastable β-Ti phase occurred. On hydrogenation, upto ~60 at.% hydrogen was obtained and hydrogen-induced amorphization occurred. The fracture strength of the hydrogenated composite indicated that it was mechanically stable even for high hydrogen contents.
Authors: S. Jayalakshmi, Eric Fleury, Yu Chan Kim, Ki Bae Kim
Abstract: Zr50Ni27Nb18Co5 amorphous ribbons were hydrogenated using an electrochemical method. Under a current density of 30 mA/cm2, the thermal stability of the amorphous phase was found to increase with the charging time. Hardness and fracture strength were found to be independent of charging time, indicating that the Zr-Ni-Nb-Co amorphous alloys preserved its mechanical integrity.
Authors: S. Jayalakshmi, Ki Bae Kim, Young Whan Cho, Eric Fleury
Abstract: The hydrogenation characteristics and embrittlement behavior of Ti50Zr(50-x)Cux alloys (x=25,33,40) are reported. The hydrogenation kinetics decreased with increasing Zr-content. Though the Ti50Zr25Cu25 alloy showed the slowest kinetics, it absorbed large amount of hydrogen (~2.4 wt.%) and exhibited the best resistance against hydrogen embrittlement. The excellent characteristics of Ti- Zr-Cu alloys in hydrogen environment indicated that they are promising materials in future for energy applications.
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