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Authors: M.Z. Zainol, Yufridin Wahab, H. Fazmir, A.F.M. Anuar, S. Johari, M. Najmi, M. Mazalan
Abstract: Excimer laser micromachining enables us to overcome the conventional lithography-based microfabrication limitations and simplify the process of creating three dimensional (3D) microstructures.The objective of this study is to investigate the relation between the number of laser pulses, number of laser passes through the channel of ablation site and their etch performance. Parameters such as frequency, fluence and velocity were retained as constants. In this paper, we present a parametric characterization study on silicon using KrF excimer laser micromachining. From the result, the etch rate change were recorded as the two major laser parameters (Number of laser pulses and number of laser passes) were varied. Both parameters were showing declination profile however from comparing both graphs, it showed that etch rate dropped more steeply when varied number of laser passes rather than number of pulses.
Authors: S. Johari, Kuntjara Umi
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