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Authors: S. Josse, C. Faucheux, A. Soueidan, G. Grimandi, D. Massiot, B. Alonso, Pascal Janvier, S Laïb, Jerome Guicheux, B. Bujoli, Jean Michel Bouler
Abstract: One type of potent aminobisphosphonate (Zoledronate) has been chemically associated onto b-tricalcium phosphate [b-TCP] and calcium deficients apatite [CDA]. Two different association modes have been observed, according to the nature of the Calcium Phosphate [CaP] support and/or the initial concentration of the Zoledronate solution. b-TCP appears to promote Zoledronate-containing crystals formation. On the other hand, at concentrations < 0.05 mol.L-1 CDA seems to undergo chemisorption of the drug through a surface adsorption process, due to PO3 for PO4 exchange, which is well described by Freundlich equations. At concentrations > 0.05 mol.L-1, crystalline needles of a Zoledronate complex form onto the CDA surface. The ability of CDA to release Zoledronate, resulting in the inhibition of osteoclastic activity, was shown using a specific in vitro bone resorption model.
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