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Authors: M. Belhouari, S.M. Fekih, K. Madani, A. Amiri, Bel Abbès Bachir Bouiadjra
Abstract: The optimization of the patch shape of bonded composite repair in aircraft structures is an efficient way to improve the repair performance. In this study the three-dimensional nonlinear finite element method is used to determine the J integral variation along the front of repaired crack with bonded composite patch in aircraft structures. The experimental design method was applied to optimize the patch shape and size in order to determine the most influencing dimension on the repair efficiency.
Authors: Hichem Salah, M.M. Bouziane, S.M. Fekih, Bel Abbès Bachir Bouiadjra, S. Benbarek
Abstract: Infections total hip arthroplasty (THA) are common and can lead to serious complications for patients. Newly developed antibiotic spacers successfully eradicated infection in more than 90 percent of patients. However, the low mechanical strength of the orthopedic cement can be a serious handicap for the success of the surgical operation. The reinforcement of cement spacers with high strength materials can improve the efficiency of this type of surgery. In this study, the three-dimensional finite element method (FEM) is coupled with the experimental design method (EDM) to optimize the geometrical and mechanical properties of the reinforcement that can be applied to cements spacers. The obtained results show that the full stem reinforcement in bio-ceramic with a thickness of 8.2 mm can represent the optimal model to ensure good mechanical resistance of the cement spacer.
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