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Authors: Byung Young Moon, Chun Tae Lee, Kwon Son, S.W. Chung
Abstract: This study developed and evaluated a shoe cushioning system to reduce impact force patterns during running. The shoe cushioning system is composed with a polyurethane pocket, which contains water and porous grains to absorb the force against the weight inside the pocket. Load-displacement curves for the shoe cushioning system were obtained from an instrumented testing machine and the results were compared with various pockets that have air, water or grains. Mechanical testing showed that the pocket with 5 g particles was the best for the shoe cushioning system. This founding will be helpful to designing the shoe.
Authors: Byung Young Moon, H. K. Kang, Kwon Son, S.W. Chung
Abstract: Anterior cruciate ligament(ACL) is liable to a major injury that often results in a functional impairment requiring surgical reconstruction. The success of reconstruction depends on such factors as attachment positions, initial tension of ligament and surgical methods of fixation. The purpose of this study is to find isometric positions of the substitute during flexion/extension. A threedimensional knee model was constructed from CT images and was used to simulate length change during knee flexion/extension. The results showed that minimum length changes were 1.9~5.8 mm(average 3.6±1.4 mm). The proposed method can be utilized and applied to optimal reconstruction for ACL deficient knee.
Authors: Byung Young Moon, Byeong Soo Kim, H. K. Kang, S.W. Chung
Abstract: The use of linear and second order stress extrapolation to obtain KI and KII in two-dimensional finite element models of a thick plate containing an edge crack was examined. Three loading cases were studied, including classical Mode I and Mode II problems and a problem of tribological contact. Linear extrapolation was observed to yield accurate predictions of KI in cases of dominant Mode I loading. In Mode II situations, notably where the crack faces experienced compressive normal stresses, second order extrapolation was observed to improve estimates of KII
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