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Authors: Q. Li, H.Z. Liu, Zhuo Zhuang, S. Yamaguchi, Masao Toyoda
Abstract: A numerical algorithm using equal-order linear finite element and fractional two-step method is presented in this paper, which is used for analysis of incompressible viscous fluid flow with free surface problems. In order to avoid severe mesh distortions, ALE method is used for dealing with the free surface sloshing. For numerical integration, the fractional step method is employed, which is useful because the same linear interpolation functions for both velocity and pressure could be carried out in the finite element formulation. The present algorithm has been applied to some examples and proved to be accurate and more efficient.
Authors: Atsuo Kawasuso, Masashi Suezawa, Mitsuru Hasegawa, S. Yamaguchi, Koji Sumino
Authors: Atsuo Kawasuso, Masuyuki Hasegawa, Masashi Suezawa, S. Yamaguchi, Koji Sumino
Authors: Yoshimasa Horii, Atsuo Kawasuso, Masuyuki Hasegawa, Masashi Suezawa, S. Yamaguchi, Koji Sumino
Authors: Hideo Nakajima, S. Nagata, Y. Morishima, K. Takahiro, H. Matsui, S. Yamaguchi
Authors: Atsushi Nakahira, K. Shiba, S. Yamaguchi, K. Kijima
Authors: Hiroshi Amano, T. Takeuchi, Hiroshi Sakai, S. Yamaguchi, C. Wetzel, Isamu Akasaki
Authors: Masuyuki Hasegawa, M. Kajino, H. Kuwahara, Eiichi Kuramoto, M. Takenaka, S. Yamaguchi
Authors: Z. Tang, Mitsuru Hasegawa, Toshinobu Chiba, M. Saito, Hitoshi Sumiya, Z.Q. Li, Takashi Akahane, Y. Kawazoe, S. Yamaguchi
Authors: Mitsuru Hasegawa, Z. Tang, Toshinobu Chiba, M. Saito, Atsuo Kawasuso, Takashi Akahane, Z.-Q. Li, Y. Kawazoe, S. Yamaguchi
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