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Authors: Andreas V. Kadavanich, Sang Hoon Shim, Harry M. Meyer, Stephen E. Savas, Edgar Lara-Curzio
Abstract: Photoresist stripping after ion implantation at high dosages (>1E15 atoms/cm2) is the most challenging dry strip process for advanced logic devices. Such high-dose implant stripping (HDIS) frequently leaves residues on the wafers after dry strip, unless fluorine chemistries are employed in the stripping plasma. Silicon loss requirements at sub-45nm nodes generally preclude such aggressive stripping chemistries. Instead, a wet clean is used to remove residues. However, the nature of the residues is not well understood, and are believed to usually contain some of the cross-linked, carbonized organic polymer formed in the implant [1]. In this paper we present chemical and mechanical data on HDIS residues produced from oxidizing and reducing chemistry strip processes.
Authors: Jae Il Jang, Sang Hoon Shim, Shinichi Komazaki, Takayuki Sugimoto
Abstract: As advanced ferritic/martensitic heat-resistant steels generally have a complex structure consisting of several microstructural units (lath, block, packet, and prior austenite grain), it is very hard to separate the contribution of each microstructural unit (or its each boundary) to the strengthening mechanism in such steels. Here we explore the role of each microstructural unit in strengthening of advanced high Cr steel through nanoindentation experiments performed at different load levels. Nanoindentation results are analyzed by comparing with microstructural observations and discussed in terms of prevailing descriptions of strengthening mechanism.
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