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Authors: Sascha Marc Häusler, Peter Horst
Abstract: This work presents the enhancement of a pseudo-numerical tool for fatigue crack growth investigations on integrally stiffened metallic panels. The model is based on an analytical approach that demands compatibility of displacement between skin sheet and stiffener. Since the basis model was presented before, the focus of the present work is on the incorporation of residual stress effects in order to improve simulation results of welded panel configurations that are manufactured by laser beam welding or friction stir welding and exhibit a significant amount of residual stresses. The necessary input parameters for the developed residual stress module are determined from experimental residual stress field measurements. Simulation results using the presented approach are compared with results from finite element simulations on a two stringer panel which show the good accordance of the base model as well as the capability of the tool enhancements to account for the crack retarding effect caused by residual stresses.
Authors: Peter Horst, Sascha Marc Häusler
Abstract: The fatigue crack growth behavior in integrally stiffened, welded panels is influenced by residual stresses caused by the welding process. The paper presents a semi-numerical method for the determination of stress intensity factors, taking into account the residual stresses in such a way that the relaxation of the residual stresses during the crack propagation phase is covered. This approach is different from the one presented in [1].
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