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Authors: Kazuaki Kawashima, Satoshi Kanai, Hiroaki Date
Abstract: In recent years, changes in plant equipment have been becoming more frequent because of the short lifetime of the products, and constructing 3D shape models of existing plants (as-built models) from large-scale laser scanned data is expected to make their rebuilding processes more efficient. However, the laser scanned data of the existing plant has massive points, captures tangled objects and includes a large amount of noises, so that the manual reconstruction of a 3D model is very time-consuming and costs a lot. Piping systems especially, account for the greatest proportion of plant equipment. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to propose an algorithm which can automatically recognize a piping system from terrestrial laser scan data of the plant equipment. Point clouds of a piping system can be extracted based eigenvalue analysis and using region-growing from the laser scanned points. Eigenvalue analysis of the point clouds then allows for recognition of straight portion of pipes. Connecting parts can be recognized from connection relationship between pipes and neighboring points.
Authors: Yu Lai Xie, Satoshi Kanai, Hiroaki Date
Abstract: The contact deformation of human skin is a significant factor in the virtual ergonomic assessment of handheld products, but previous works have neglected it or dealt with it in a simple way. In this paper, we propose a physical model of the contact deformation of human skin and, based on this model, present an efficient contact solving method to simulate the physical contact of the Digital Hand with product surfaces. The realistic contact deformation effect was realized, and we experimentally verified the estimated contact area, contact force and pressure distribution, and found the estimation results by the proposed model and the contact solving method well fit with the experimental data and the past data from the literature.
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