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Authors: Chun Taek Kim, Jung Kun Jin, Se Jin Kwon
Abstract: A micro catalytic combustor was studied as an energy source to supply heat to a micro scale endothermic reactor. The catalyst bed was made from porous material called Isolite B5 coated with Pt catalyst by the incipient wetness method. The catalyst bed is inserted in a millimeter scale reaction chamber and temperature distribution along the outside wall of the reactor was measured by varying the flow rate and equivalence ratio of the hydrogen and air mixture.
Authors: Hong Seock Cha, Tae Gyu Kim, Se Jin Kwon
Abstract: Three synthesis procedures of Cu/ZnO catalyst for steam reforming of methanol were tested for loading in a micro reactor. The best procedure that resulted in the strong adhesion to the wafer was determined out of the tested procedures. The molecular structure of the synthesized catalyst was examined by XRD and its performance in methanol conversion was measured. A micro fabrication method that incorporates the catalyst loading and micro structure processing was developed. A MEMS methanol steam reformer was built by this process and the completed device resulted in methanol conversion of 93%.
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