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Authors: Li Min An, Xue Ting Han, Xuan Lin Chen, Shao Hong Gao, Xi Ping Cai, Xu Fu, He Zhu, Jian Nan Liu, Xiang Chun Xi, Pu Nan Sun, Hong An Ye, Zhuo Sun
Abstract: We have developed a new, simple, green and very reproducible aqueous synthesis method for the preparation of different sizes CdTe QDs without the use of any pyrophoric organometallic precursors. Transmission electron microscope image demonstrates the shape, monodispersity, average size and size distribution. Two different sizes CdTe QDs are mixed and standing for three months in aqueous solution. Through UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy and fluorescence spectrum detection, we confirm Ostwald ripening process can also occur in CdTe QDs mixed solution for a long time at room temperature.
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