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Authors: Shao Kui Yang, Long Wang, Yue Xin Ma
Abstract: This document introduces tentative designs of the cold extruding of thin wall ultra-deep blind hole about 7A04 recoil spring tube, its technical process and experimental result and analyses the existed problems and the reasons. These experimental studies have reference value for taking cold extrusion shape of 7A04 and ultra-deep hole.
Authors: Yue Xin Ma, Long Wang, Shao Kui Yang, Yue Jun Liu, Yu Hua Tan
Abstract: Many controversial data and contradictions about basic feature and behaviour of martensite were exhibited in available investigations. New opinions for following questions, such as the nature and kind of packet martensite, the stereo morphology of lath and plate martensite, the habit plane of martensite etc., have been proposed by the authors through the observation of thirteen steels under optical microscope, scanning electron microscope. It was found that packet M in iron-base alloys can should be divided three kinds: packet thin sheet M, (111) packet plate M and (225) packet plate M
Authors: Yue Xin Ma, Yu Wu, Shao Kui Yang, Long Wang, Yu Hua Tan
Abstract: The space morphology of martensite in 15, 45 and T9 steels quenched from high temperatures had been observed under a scanning electron microscope using a thin-foil specimen which were deeply etched. The results show that the space appearance of packet martensite is not lath-like in shape, but sheet-like in low carbon steel, and thin plate-like in medium and high carbon steels. The stereoscopic models of two kinds of packet martensite, named sheet-like and thin plate-like martensite by authors, were proposed.
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