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Authors: Xiao He Guo, Zong Xia Jiao, Shao Ping Wang
Abstract: Considering stability is the necessary condition for closed-loop control system to work properly, a new function reliability analysis method by inducting and defining the concept of stability reliability was proposed to describe the function reliability of closed-loop control system completely. As an example, the stability reliability calculation method and process to analyze the function reliability of a flight autopilot were demonstrated.
Authors: Rong Gang Yue, Shao Ping Wang
Abstract: To replace human workers in dangerous environments or difficult-to-access places, climbing robots with the ability to travel on different types of surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings) and to walk between such surfaces were developed. The most important technology for a climbing robot is how to resist gravity, and adhere to surfaces. This paper presents mainly six types of adhesion technologies to ensure climbing robot sticks to wall surfaces: magnetic adhesion, vacuum suction techniques, attraction force generators, grasping grippers, bio-mimetic approaches inspired by climbing animals, and compliant electroadhesion, et al. Moreover, this paper represents advantages and limitations of adhesion technologies.
Authors: Shao Ping Wang, Jian Shi
Abstract: Life testing is an important technique to assess the reliability and lifetime of components with long life and high reliability. To some expensive products, it is difficult to supply a large of samples and long test time to carry out the life testing, so this paper investigates the accelerated model and presents statistical method based on hybrid Weibull distribution under variable synthetic stresses. Based on the cumulative exposure theory, the failure probability can be cumulated with transform rate that can convert the fault proportion at certain stress into another stress. Using the genetic algorithm, the parameters of accelerated model can be estimated according to the accelerated stress profile. Then the lifetime at normal stress can be calculated with accelerated life model under normal stress profile. Application of hydraulic pump indicates that this method can reduce test time and test samples greatly.
Authors: Nasim Ullah, Shao Ping Wang
Abstract: Electrical Load simulator (ELS) is an important aerodynamics forces/torque loading device which is used for qualification of flight actuation system in ground based experiments. This paper focuses on Backstepping control design with fuzzy logic compensator for extra torque disturbance. To reduce number of fuzzy rules and processing time LuGre model based friction compensation scheme is proposed. Practically fuzzy logic compensation may induce approximation error. A novel PI type tracking performance controller is proposed to compensate tracking error due to parametric uncertainty in the ELS system and LuGre friction model. The tracking performance controller is tuned online based on saturation function based adaptive law derived from the error dynamics between state predictor and actual plant to eliminate chattering from control signal. The validity of control scheme is verified using numerical simulations for desired tracking performance.
Authors: Edward M. Sanchez, J. Wan, Shao Ping Wang, Mark J. Loboda, Can Hua Li, Marek Skowronski
Authors: Shao Ping Wang, Adrian R. Powell, Joan M. Redwing, Eddie Piner, Adam W. Saxler
Authors: Shao Ping Wang, Edward M. Sanchez, A. Kopec, S. Poplawski, R. Ware, S.N. Holmes, Cengiz M. Balkas, A.G. Timmerman
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