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Authors: Shi Jie Dai, Yan Yan Cheng, Peng Pei, Ming Ming Ren, Zhi Lv
Abstract: In this paper, a 3D crane system coordinate system is established for a bridge crane in which the rope length is always changing. The position of the grab in the coordinate system is selected as control objectives, while the cable-car displacements and length of the rope are selected as control variables. Lagrange equations are used for the dynamic analysis. A simulation is conducted in MATLAB environment to analyses the angular motion of the rope caused by its length change and the linear motion of the cable-car.
Authors: Shi Jie Dai, Chuang Wang, Hong Wei Zheng, Zheng Hua Chen, Lin Lin, Jing Wang
Abstract: In this paper, a 3D composite seam image has been firstly preprocessed and then the centerline and key-points have been extracted. After that, a method has been proposed which is based on the optical deviation detection-lateral and vertical deviation detection of the seam. Seam simulation is immediately carried out with MATLAB. It turns out that the deviation error is less than 0.004 mm, and that stitching simulation route are basically the same as the actual seam. It also demonstrates that this method is practical and effective.
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