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Authors: Yan Li, Shi Zhong Wei, Rui Long
Abstract: The morphology and phase structure of Al/Cu explosive compounded interface were observed by scanning electron microscope, high-resolution transmission electron microscope and X-ray energy spectrometer. The results reveal that the interface of Al/Cu appears wave-like structure, with an average wavelength of 1.0mm and crest height of 0.3mm. Every wave has its front-nest. The wavelike interfaces are composed of microcrystal compound layer, non-crystal and nanocrystal. Several kinds of compounds such as Al9Cul2, Al4Cu9, Al2Cu, η-AlCu, β-AlCu3 and unidentified phase structure were found in Al/Cu interface. There are some bent lattice fringes around the front-nest. The research of microstructure in anchoring area revealed the nature of explosive cladding in metallurgical anchoring.
Authors: Ji Wen Li, Jing Pei Xie, Wen Yan Wang, Shi Zhong Wei
Abstract: The fracture mechanisms of E-A356 alloys (T5 treatment) have been investigated by means of in situ SEM under nonaxial tension loading. It is found that the crack initiated at the casting defects, such as at the gas or the shrinkage pores, because of the debonding of the silicon particles from the Al matrix. The crack propagation was mainly in the Al matrix and along the matrix/particle interface secondarily. The crack growth could be influenced by the eutectic silicon particles, when it encountered the Si particles, the growth direction would be changed and turned toward the weaker areas. The fracture resistance or the mechanical properties of the E-A356 alloys will be improved by means of reducing, eliminating gas or shrinkage pores and increasing the interface bound strength of the eutectic silicon particles with the Al matrix.
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