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Authors: Shinichi Katayama, Yuji Noguchi, Masaru Miyayama
Abstract: Influence of annealing on the domain structures of bismuth titanate (BiT) and rare-earth (La and Nd)-substituted BiT crystals (BLT or BNT) were investigated by optical microscope and piezoresponse force microscope (PFM). Annealing of BiT at 950°C in air significantly decreased the number of striped 90° domain walls, while charged 180° domain walls were still present in the crystals after the annealing. The annealing for the crystals of BLT and BNT at the same condition did not change their 90° domain structures. PFM observations indicated that antiphase domain boundaries in BLT play an important role in the formation of 90° domain structures.
Authors: Shinichi Katayama, I. Yoshinaga, T. Nagai, M. Sugiyama
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