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Authors: Ying Li, Shu Jiang Zhang, Huo Yan Wu
Abstract: Tissue defects and organ failure have seriously threatened the health and life of human beings and are challenges in modern medicine we have been trying to overcome. They are often treated with tissue and organ transplantation. Although autologous tissue transplantation is not bothered by immune rejection, it could cause defects of the donor site and create new pains. Therefore, scientists are striving to explore more ideal principles and methods while working hard to improve the existing treatments as most as possible. The rise and development of tissue engineering will be possible to provide adequate safe “autologous” tissues and organs to repair human body. Cartilage damage is one of the main causes of osteoarthritis. However, it has limited self-repair ability. Thus, cartilage tissue engineering, especially nanomaterials as a new treatment modality provides a therapeutic potential.
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