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Authors: Xue Fei Zhao, Shi Quan Lai, Ya Ru Zhang, Shu Lin Liu, Li Juan Gao, Hong Wu Yu
Abstract: A refined coal tar pitch with softening point of 33oC was obtained by a mixed solvent extraction method. The pitch was carbonized at 500oC to get micrometer carbon material with needlelike structure. The carbonized produce was further calcined at 1500oC for 30h. The resultant product was characterized by SEM, OM, EDS and XRD. Experimental results indicated that a mixed solvent extraction method could effectively get rid of primary quinoline insoluble (QI). SEM and OM examinations showed that there were more than 70% fibrous structures and a small amount mosaic structures. The size of the fibrous structure was greater than 150μm in length and less than 30μm in width. The result of EDS exhibited that the material mainly consisted of carbon. XRD analysis revealed that there was a sharp diffraction peaks at 26.5oC, which was corresponded to the (002) plane of graphite structure.
Authors: Lai Xi Zhang, Xing Song Wang, Shu Lin Liu
Abstract: A new 2-DOFs dynamic turning model including the compliance of workpiece and cutting tool is developed. In past studies, most of them were based on SDOF models and either the workpiece or tool was simplified as rigid one. Meanwhile, traditional regenerative chatter models focus mainly on cross cutting which was particularly prone to chatter. It is evident that such models cannot descript cutting system comprehensively. In order to tackle this problem, we introduce the overlap factor making the new model also suitable for length-wise cutting. Stability was analyzed after performing the Laplace transformation, correlation between critical chip width and spindle speed was derived. Simulation suggests that the new model has a larger critical chip width which complies with practical situation.
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