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Authors: Lin Wei Feng, Ju Guo Wu, Fu Cui Li, Shu Yan Xing, Hua Jin
Abstract: Some management information databases (MIBS) have been developed in recent years to help the water resource managers with more effective and fast work. Yet few integrated models of water resources management can be observed so far. This paper discussed and designed the Integrated Water Resources Management Information Database (IWRMI-Database) for Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. In this database, the requirements of water-use statistics, water intake permission and levy on water resources were studied in detail, the data which play a decisive role in management were analyzed, and the concept and physical models of the database were built with the modeling tool, Sybase Power Designer, which greatly saved the development time.
Authors: Yong Gang Li, Shu Yan Xing, Lin Wei Feng
Abstract: The vertical earth pressure on the top of ditch-buried culverts was analyzed theoretically under the condition of trapezoidal ditch and square culverts. A calculation model to evaluate the earth pressure on the top of the culverts based on Duncan earth model was established. The study results show that the height of plane of equal settlement decreases and turns to a constant gradually as the depth of soil overlying culverts increases. The primary influencing factors of earth pressure are the ditch width and the ratio of height to width of the culverts and the foundation. Each of them can make the coefficient of earth pressure increase or decrease more than 30%. When the width of the culverts become wider, ditch buried culverts turn to projecting buried culverts gradually, and the uniform calculation theory of earth pressure on the top of ditch-buried culverts and positive buried culverts is formed.
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