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Authors: Si Hong Liu, Yan Qiao Wang, Jiao Rong Gao, Yuan Zheng Jin
Abstract: Soilbags have been understood to have the effect of vibration reduction and can be used as a kind of base isolation in building foundations. In this paper, a series of cyclic simple shear tests were carried out on soilbags filled with three kinds of soils under different vertical stresses to investigate the damping and stiffness characters of the soilbags. The results show that soilbags have a relatively high damping ratio and variable horizontal stiffness so that they can be used as base isolation materials.
Authors: Zhong Zhi Fu, Si Hong Liu, Wei Xing Gu
Abstract: Evaluating the wetting induced deformation of the shell is one of the most important issues in designing a high rockfill dam. Excessive wetting deformation and the relevant stress deterioration in adjacent impervious structures may cumber the normal operation of the engineering and seriously risk the safety of the dam. In this paper, a hypoplastic creep model is incorporated into a finite element procedure to study the wetting induced deformation of a rockfill dam. Considerable lateral movement towards the upstream and an additional wetting collapse presented in the upstream shell induced by reservoir impounding is effectively predicted by the finite element model. The reasonable results confirm the feasibility of applying the hypoplastic model to the evaluation of the wetting induced deformation in dam engineering.
Authors: Jun Yan, Si Hong Liu, Bin Zhou
Abstract: The anti-seepage measures of a high earth rockfill dam built on the foundation with a deep overburden affects the stability and safety of the dam greatly. Nowadays there are few researches on this area both at home and abroad. On the basis of the finite element seepage analysis of the Pubugou high rockfill dam in which core walls and two cut-off walls are designed as the anti-seepage measures, the real seepage behavior of the seepage field is obtained in this paper, as well as the seepage characters of the seepage field under different arrangements of the cut-off walls. The conclusions have a certain referential value for the design of the anti-seepage measures for the similar projects with the foundation of a deep overburden.
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