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Authors: Arsen Babajayan, Jong Chul Kim, Song Hui Kim, Barry Friedman, Kie Jin Lee
Abstract: We observed the glucose concentration of solutions using a near-field microwave microprobe (NFMM). Instead of the usual invasive technique, we take the advantage of the noncontact and noninvasive evaluation capabilities of an NFMM. The NFMM with a high Q dielectric resonator allows observation of small variations of the permittivity due to changes in the glucose concentration. By measuring the reflection coefficient we could observe the concentration of glucose with a detectable resolution to 0.5 mg/ml (0.05 %). The glucose biosensor using a NFMM provides an unique approach for glucose monitoring for diabetes.
Authors: Kie Jin Lee, Arsen Babajayan, Song Hui Kim
Abstract: A near-field scanning microwave microscope (NSMM) is used to study the physical properties of DNA strands with a specific sequence and image lamda-DNA bundles. After the hybridization process between target and capture sequences, specific DNA binding events leads to microwave reflection coefficient (S11) changes of the NSMM. These changes are caused by a modification of the physical dielectric constant due to sequence specific DNA binding. This study demonstrates significant potential of the NSMM as a nondestructive and noncontact tool to detect DNA strands without a target-probe amplification process and as a valuable technique to understand the physical property of DNA.
Authors: Hyun Jun Yoo, Jong Chel Kim, Arsen Babajayan, Song Hui Kim, Kie Jin Lee
Abstract: We observed the surface resistance of metal thin films by a nondestructive characterization method using a near-field scanning microwave microprobe (NSMM). The NSMM system was coupled to a dielectric resonator with a distance regulation system. To demonstrate the ability of local microwave characterization, the surface resistance dependence of the metallic thin films has been mapped nondestructively.
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