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Authors: Soo Ho Park, Hyung Gu Kang, Yong Deuk Lee, Jae Chul Lee, Moo Young Huh
Abstract: In order to investigate the effect of the reduction degree per rolling pass on the evolution of recrystallization textures and microstructures, the hot band of 17.5 Cr-1.1 Mo ferritic stainless steel sheets were cold rolled with lubrication according to two processing routes, by which different reduction degrees per pass were introduced. Rolling with a large number of passes led to the formation of fairly homogeneous rolling textures at all through-thickness positions. In contrast, cold rolling with large draughts resulted in pronounced texture gradients along the thickness direction. After recrystallization annealing, the texture maximum was obtained at {334}<483> in all samples regardless of the rolling routes and thickness layers. During subsequent annealing, recrystallization was observed to be faster in those grains with {111} orientations, while it was retarded in grains having orientations close to {001}<110>.
Authors: Soo Ho Park, Kyu Young Kim, Yong Deuk Lee, Chan Gyung Park
Authors: Jong Heun Lee, Soo Ho Park, Moo Young Huh
Abstract: In order to optimize the recrystallization texture of ferritic stainless steel sheets, the crystallographic texture was modified by means of cross rolling. The as-received hot band displayed pronounced through-thickness texture gradients with a strong rotated cube orientation in the sheet center layer. After the conventional normal rolling, the strong initial texture was retained. Pronounced{001}<110> in the rolling textures led to the formation of {334}<483> in the final recrystallization texture. Cross rolling in the present work was performed by a 45° rotation of RD around ND. Cross-rolling led to a weakening of {001}<110> orienations. After recrystallization annealing the cross-rolled samples displayed stronger {111}//ND orientations. The orientation stability during the rolling deformation was tackled by means of Taylor deformation model.
Authors: Ji Eon Park, Soo Ho Park
Abstract: The effect of alloying elements and rough rolling condition on the microstructure evolution of ferritic stainless steel has been investigated in order to understand the recrystallization and precipitation behaviour during hot rolling. In the present study, a series of high temperature compression tests with plane strain deformation mode were conducted for Nb added and Ti+Nb added ferritic stainless steels. Compression tests then were subjected to various conditions of deformation temperature, reduction ratio and holding time. After the tests, EBSD mapping and SEM observation were performed to analyze the recrystallization and precipitation behaviour. Nb added and Ti + Nb added steels show an increasing tendency of recrystallization with an elevation of deformation temperature, holding time and reduction ratio. An increase of holding temperature and holding time enlarges the recrystallized regime due to a decrease of activation energy for recrystallization and a growth of recrystallized grain. A higher reduction ratio also increases the recrystallized regime due to a rise of stored energy for recrystallization. Nb added steel, however, is more resistant to recrystallization because most of Nb (C, N) particles in Nb added steel are finely dispersed in the matrix.
Authors: Hyung Joon Shin, Joong Kyu An, Soo Ho Park, Dong Nyung Lee
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