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Authors: Ch. Zistl, R. Sielemann, H. Hässlein, Sven Gall, D. Bräunig, J. Bollmann
Authors: Sven Gall, Sören Müller, Walter Reimers
Abstract: Due to the increasing demand of deep drawing applications for magnesium alloys in the future magnesium sheets with good mechanical and forming properties are required. These properties depend on the processing route of the sheet material. The deformation behavior of magnesium alloys is strongly influenced by the texture. Extruded magnesium sheets exhibit a different texture than rolled magnesium sheets. Therefore, the forming properties of the extruded magnesium sheets are supposed to be different compared to rolled sheets. Thin extrusion of the magnesium alloy AZ31 with a thickness of 1.5 and 2 mm were performed. Adjacent the extruded sheets were tested for their microstructure, texture and mechanical properties. The texture stability and evolution after the rolling of extruded magnesium sheets were investigated. Thus some of the 1.5 mm sheets were rolled to 1.0 mm and analyzed by OIM, X-Ray and mechanical testing. Concluding the results were compared to the properties of the just extruded 1.5 mm sheet and conventionally rolled sheet of 1 mm thickness.
Authors: Jerome Muehlhause, Sven Gall, Sören Müller
Abstract: Extrusion of composite materials can offer big advantages. In this work the manufacturing of a hybrid metal profile in a single production step was investigated. A porthole die was used, thus producing profiles with extrusion seams. Along the seams a material mix up was visible. The extrusion process was simulated with the Finite Element Method to investigate the material flow in die and welding chamber in order to understand the cause for the defects at the seams.
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