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Authors: M. Premkumar, U. Ravikiran, M. Sankaranarayana, T.K. Nandy, A.K. Singh
Abstract: Present work describes the evolution of microstructure and texture in W-26Ni-26Fe-13Co and W-28Ni-12Fe-10Co alloys during cold rolling. These alloys consist of two phases i.e. W-base (bcc) and matrix (fcc) in sintered and cold rolled conditions. Microchemistry obtained by electron Probe Micro Analyser (EPMA) clearly indicates that the extent of alloying is very less in W phase. The matrix phase mainly consists of Ni, Fe Co and W. The development of texture in both the W and matrix during cold rolling has been described in terms of α, γ and β fibres for bcc and fcc phases, respectively.
Authors: Srinivasu Gangi Setti, R.N. Rao, T.K. Nandy
Abstract: The present paper describes the effect of β solution treatment temperature on the sliding wear properties of near β titanium alloy (Ti-10V-4.5Fe-3Al) was examined under three different temperatures 800, 900 and 1000 °C, varying applied load 3, 6 and 9 kgf at a fixed rotational speed of 500 rpm for 16 minutes duration. The track diameter is varied 40, 80 and 120 mm in order to vary the sliding distance or sliding velocity. The sliding wear beahviour was studied using pin-on-disc apparatus against steel counter surface giving emphasis on the parameters such as weight loss as a function of sliding distance and applied load. It was observed from the results that the % weight loss is increases with increase in sliding distance and the load. It is also observed that the % weight loss increases with decreasing the β solution treatment temperature. Form the ANOVA analysis, it revealed that the β solution treatment temperature is not influencing that much on % weight loss as compared to that of load and sliding distance.
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