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Authors: T.W. Kim, Hyo Seon Park, Chul Kim, Jae Hyup Lee
Authors: Sung Sic Hwang, Sang Whan Park, Jun Hyun Han, T.W. Kim
Abstract: In this study, the reaction-bonded SiC (RBSC) hot gas filter was newly developed using Si melt infiltration technique. Si melt was infiltrated into the green body through the carbon source coated surface of SiC powder forming strong neck phases between SiC powders. The maximum flexural strength of porous RBSC support at room temperature and at 900 oC were about 80 MPa and 63 MPa, respectively, which were much higher than those of commercially available porous clay-bonded SiC with similar pore size and porosity.
Authors: T.W. Kim, S. Im, Y.Y. Earmme
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