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Authors: Chi Pong Tsui, Chak Yin Tang, Tai Chiu Lee
Authors: Chi Ping Lai, Luen Chow Chan, Tai Chiu Lee
Abstract: This paper aims at presenting an experimental investigation to compare the rolling behaviors of selected materials under profile rolling process. Copper alloy (C37700), aluminum alloy (AA6063) and stainless steel (AISI304) in 6 mm diameter were selected as rolling specimens. The process parameters, i.e. spindle speed, forward speed, and fractorgraphic analysis were carried out to determine the deformation behaviours of selected materials. The outcomes of this investigation are valuable for engineers to design and fabricate high-quality precision components efficiently.
Authors: P.F. Zheng, Tai Chiu Lee, Luen Chow Chan
Authors: S.L. Yim, Kai Ming Yu, Luen Chow Chan, D. Kwok, Tai Chiu Lee
Authors: H.L. Au, C.C. Ling, Tai Chiu Lee, C.D. Beling, S. Fung
Authors: Ting Fai Kong, Luen Chow Chan, Tai Chiu Lee
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