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Authors: Pu Wang, Tao Huang
Abstract: The paper analyzes existing problems in China's freight car color coating, compares the gap between same products abroad, comprehensively analyzes relevant factors which affect freight car coating, uses system theory combined with specification of safe color, visual safety psychology and coating material technology and takes requirements such as type, structure, safety and corporate image into consideration to establish China's railway freight car color coating genealogy. It provides systematical advices for China's railway freight car color coating design and solves problems like single and disorder coating color, poor indicative of safety feature to improve the level of China's railway freight car coating design.
Authors: Tao Huang, Hua Yang
Abstract: The limitations of the original coating display are discussed. And new materials and new possibilities of the rail vehicle performance are analyzed by using the new materials,3M glue and LED for rail vehicle display. In the end, the development trend and possibilities of mordent rail vehicle appearance are discussed with the combination of the massage conveyed from these cases and product characteristics at the information age.
Authors: Tao Huang, Hua Yang
Abstract: this paper mainly reviews and analyzes the design history on "decoration is evil” and makes a discussion about the contradiction. It avoids the misunderstanding about the comparison of paper-based text, combines contextual elements of the information age and figures out the different features of the current decorative performance and the possible space for multivariate development.
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