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Authors: Rong Kun Hong, Wei Gao, Ping Fan Hu, Tao Yang, Shao Shun Zhang, Yong Jin Liao, Yong Chen
Abstract: In this paper, a field experiment of gas wet desulphurization with white mud and gypsum has been taken on one thermal power plant under the condition that the desulphurization system has not been renovated. the experimental result shows that the desulphurization ability of white mud is about 2% higher than limestone under the same PH value, so it’s feasible to apply the white mud as desulfurizer to the desulphurization system of large-scale thermal power plant, and the gypsum obtained after the desulphurization is better than that in limestone system, then the waste is all utilized. However, in practice, there is a need to increase the equipments for the corresponding slurry storage, preparation and supply, and also a capacity assessment for the dewatering system, wastes water system and process water system.
Authors: Yong Ren, Tao Yang, Wei Gao, Yang Hai Li
Abstract: The model of speed control system plays an important role in power system stability studies, the non-linear properties prevent us from getting accurate mechanism model. In this paper, the radial basis function neural network with self-structuring and fast convergence is used in the modeling of steam turbine speed control system in the modeling process, also, this paper presents a method which combines particle swarm optimization algorithm and least-squares algorithm for the neural network’s training, it has the property of high accuracy and fast convergence, after training, the proposed model and related training algorithm are verified by the test data of one power plant, it has proved that the neural network can be used in the modeling of the speed control system for the power system stability studies.
Authors: Yong Xin Feng, Wei Peng Zhang, Tao Yang, Xiao Wen Deng, Shi Liu
Abstract: Through researching the fault vibration signal characteristics of planetary gearbox, various forms of quadratic phase coupling phenomenon were found in the signals. Bispectrum has properties such as detecting the quadratic coupling phenomena and restraining gaussian noise signal, and it can be well used in the planetary gearbox fault diagnosis. Meanwhile, the sun gear distributed fault (gear wear) and partial fault (root crack, partial broken teeth) are simulated in the wind turbine test bench built in the laboratory. By analyzing the structure characteristics of its frequency through bispectrum, the fault of the gear is effectively diagnosed.
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