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Authors: Nik Hisyamudin Muhd Nor, Yokoyama Seiji, Tatsuya Suzuki, Motozuka Satoshi, Shimomura Tetsuya, Sasano Junji, Masanobu Izaki
Abstract: A fundamental study on the reaction between CO2 and mechanically activated metal powders has been conducted. In this research, the behavior and mechanism of CO2 reaction under various grinding conditions were investigated to fix and reduce CO2. The powder used was placed inside a grinding vessel, and was ground together with the SUJ2 balls in CO2 atmosphere. It was found that only the adsorption of CO2 gas on the ground samples was observed, whereas the decomposition of CO2 was not occurred. The CO2 adsorption increased proportionally with the increase in the grinding speed, weight of sample and number of SUJ2 balls. Furthermore, the CO2 adsorption increased with the decrease in the standard free energy of formation of each metal oxide. The morphology of the sample observed by SEM showed that the samples were not crushed into finer particles, but were only grazed on the sample’s surface. Therefore, it can be said that the CO2 can be adsorbed on the mechanically activated samples by using the centrifugal type ball mill, but in order to enhance the amount of CO2 adsorption, another type of machine with higher grinding intensity should be considered.
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