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Authors: Mitsuaki Furui, Shouyou Sakashita, Shougo Suzuki, Tetsuo Aida, Yuusuke Ishisaka, Masayuki Yamamoto, Masayuki Ohta
Abstract: We have proposed a new extrusion process functionally combined with torsion. Extrusion-torsion simultaneous processing is a very attractive technique for fabricating a rod-shape material with high strength and excellent workability. To improve the hardness, the aging treatment was performed with AZ91D magnesium alloy screw thread-rolled at room temperature using extrusion-torsion simultaneous processing. The distribution of hardness from the tip to center in as thread-rolled screw was modified to uniform distribution by the isothermal aging treatment at 423 K for 460.8 ks. The peak hardness was not depended on the working temperature and rotation speed during extrusion-torsion simultaneous processing. β-Mg17Al12 precipitates are obviously grown in as peak-aged condition comparing with as thread-rolled condition.
Authors: Y. Doi, Kenji Matsuki, H. Akimoto, Tetsuo Aida
Authors: Makoto Inoue, T. Doi, Tetsuo Aida, Kenji Matsuki, Shigeharu Kamado, Yo Kojima
Abstract: In this study, it refined by the vacuum distilling refining and the billet was produced for the obtained 99.99% or more of purity magnesium deposit by compression forming, extrusion process was performed and the corrosion resistance of extrusions and the tensile characteristic which were acquired were investigated. The specimen showed good corrosion resistance rather than commercial AZ91D magnesium alloy die-castings. The specimen has high ductility and it is good, and compared with 99.9% of purity magnesium.
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