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Authors: Thorsten Siebert, Thomas Becker, Karsten Spiltthof, Isabell Neumann, Rene Krupka
Abstract: The reliability for each measurement technique depends on the knowledge of it’s uncertainty and the sources of errors of the results. Among the different techniques for optical measurement techniques for full field analysis of displacements and strains, digital image correlation (DIC) has been proven to be very flexible, robust and easy to use, covering a wide range of different applications. Nevertheless the measurement results are influenced by statistical and systematical errors. We discuss a 3D digital image correlation system which provides online error information and the propagation of errors through the calculation chain to the resulting contours, displacement and strains. Performance tests for studying the impact of calibration errors on the resulting data are shown for static and dynamic applications.
Authors: Eduard Schenuit, Rainer Bolkart, Thomas Becker, Oliver Spinka
Abstract: Progresses in developments of high resolution digital cameras and processors power as well enable the use of optical systems for axial and biaxial strain measurements. The main benefit of these systems is a contact free measurement on the sample surface without any influence to the sample. The commonly used optical systems based on following markings attached to sample surface which have to be applied before testing. This paper presents an alternative optical measuring system using the speckle-correlation-technique. The laser based method does not need any special sample markings before testing. The speckle correlation in the presented extensometer measures up to two-dimensional surface strains in tensile as well as in compression tests; original gauge lengths down to 1.5 mm are supported.
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