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Authors: Yuan Luo, Wei Xi Kong, Yi Zhang, Ti Wei Wei
Abstract: In this paper, a novel indoor localization method for mobile robot working in complex environment is presented. Natural features are obtained from 3D rebuilding image sequences. The geometrical relationship between the natural feature points and the homologous points of current view are found to locate the positions of a moving robot. Experiment result shows that this novel localization method is reliable and effective.
Authors: Yuan Luo, Ti Wei Wei, Zheng Wei Tang, Wei Xi Kong
Abstract: As new generation of solid-state lighting source with green environmental protection, White LED has become the focus of attentions. Along with the development of high power LED, heat dissipation problems of LED become more and more important. This paper makes research on single-chip high power LED by ANSYS finite element software, and analyzes the thermal effects of parameters on the radiator. This paper believes that the influence of radiator materials’ thermal conductivity is not obvious, and the finned height and cooling area of radiator play an very important role in reducing chip junction temperature.
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