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Authors: Feng Pan, Jun Ying Zhang, Hai Ying Liu, Tian Min Wang, Wei Chang Hao
Abstract: Ag nano-particles were deposited on the surface of TiO2 self-assembled films by photo-reduction of Ag+ solution. SPM, XPS and UV-Vis spectrophotometer were employed to characterize the microstructure and photo-catalytic performance of the films. An obvious enhancement of photo-catalytic activity had been observed. Since rutile had a lower optical band gap than anatase, a higher photo-catalytic efficiency improvement of rutile than that of anatase was obtained under the help of Ag nano-particles, which acted as electron acceptors.
Authors: Xiao Hua Ding, Xiang Dong Chen, Wei Chang Hao, Tian Min Wang
Abstract: China is now confronted with the tasks of both promoting the economic growth and protecting the environment. Environmental protection has been adopted as the basic national policy to achieve sustainable development. The progress and innovations in the field of material science and engineering are expected to make great contributions since they can help to increase efficiency and reduce pollution. In this paper, the environment situation in China was reviewed to highlight some certain fields that need the efforts from material scientists. And some new technologies were also discussed as the potential methods to deal with these problems. In summary, this paper can be served as a clue for the material researchers who want to contribute to Chinese environmental protection.
Authors: Masao Doyama, Tian Min Wang, M. Shimotomai, T. Iwata
Authors: Ying Zhang, Guang Hong Lu, Han Zhang, Tian Min Wang, Sheng Hua Deng, Xue Lan Hu
Authors: Jun Ying Zhang, Zhong Tai Zhang, Zi Long Tang, Tian Min Wang
Authors: Bao Yi Wang, Shi Hong Zhang, Tian Min Wang, Y.J. Kong, B.J. Jiang, Z.Y. Xu
Authors: Cong Wang, Xin Kang Du, Tian Min Wang
Abstract: A new cermet film Nb-NbN, deposited on the stainless steel substrate by direct reactive magnetron sputtering, was reported as solar selective absorptive coating. Some fundamental studies on microstructure and optical properties of the Nb-NbN cermet films were carried out by XRD, EDX, SEM and spectrophotometer. A solar absorptivity of 0.94 and a normal emissivity of 0.16 at room temperature were achieved for the coating. Thermal stability was investigated at 350°C and 500°C and it was observed that the absorptivity was changed in a range from 0.92 to 0.94 and the surface emissivity varied firstly from 0.16 to 0.14 and then increasing to 0.19 when the temperature was increased from room temperature to 350°C and up to 500°C.
Authors: Wei Chang Hao, Jun Ying Zhang, Hai Bing Feng, Tian Min Wang
Abstract: Quantum size ZnO colloids were prepared by sol-gel method and size of colloids together with the luminescence properties were changed by varying preparing time and temperature. The absorption onset and the maximum of fluorescence peak of the ZnO colloid have obvious shift in UV region and visible light region respectively. The relationship between luminescence properties and energy level splitting is discussed in detail based on the experimental results.
Authors: Tian Min Wang, Bao Yi Wang, S.H. Zhang, Masao Doyama
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