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Authors: Tie Li, Ming Ma, Ming Yu Li
Abstract: After the analysis of ore properties and experiments, a suitable process is determined, and a better index is obtained under this process, which is copper concentrate 20.33 % and the recovery 95.23 %. This process provides technical reference to this kind of copper resourses.
Authors: Ming Yu Li, Rui Chen Ren, Tian Yu Guo, Tie Li
Abstract: chemical compositions, mineral compositions, mosaic relationship, particle distribution characteristics are identified by mineralogy research on oxidization copper ore from Fuxin. Flotation conditions and closed-circuit process is carried out, it is adopted that adding sodium sulfide for sulfiding and ammonium sulfate for activating, then adding sodium silicate and sodium hexametaphosphate as combined inhibitation to intensify inhibitating, a combined collector consisiting of hexyl xanthate and butylamine dithiophosphate was used to strengthen the collecting effect. Finally, a copper concentrate with a grade of 17.39 % and a recovery of 59.36 % can be obtained, meanwhile, the grade of associated silver is 297.8 g/t, the recovery is 55.96 %.
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