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Authors: Wei Li, Tie Yan, Ying Jie Liang
Abstract: . The accurate prediction of strata pressure is the base for safely, quality and efficiently drilling, decreasing hole problems and reasonable development of the reservoir. Because of the high cost, long cycle of the formation pressure measured method, which may influence the safety of drilling operation, thus a new method for predicting strata pressure, based on the BP neural network, is presented in this paper, and establishing process of the neural network forecast model are discussed in detail. This method takes the acoustic time, natural potential, natural gamma ray log data and pipe pressure test data as study sample, which has a very high accuracy. The paper predicts strata pressure of the Saertu oil field and Xingshugang oil field in Daqing, and the results show that relative error between the predicted data and experimental data is less than ±8.9%.
Authors: Chun Jie Han, Tie Yan
Abstract: With the development of deep water drilling engineering, marine riser has become the important equipment. With the increase in water depth, the failure of marine riser is very serious, the vibration is the main reason. According to the actual situation, the model of marine is set up, the rule of lateral vibration is obtained. The result is helpful to avoid the phenomena of resonance of marine riser under wave loads.
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