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Authors: Tomasz Majewski, Jerzy Michałowski, Jan Piętaszewski
Abstract: The method of rhenium powder fabrication was presented in the paper. The powder was received by reduction of ammonium perrhenate. Rhenium was added to W+Ni+Fe powder mixture, then pressed (in the isostatic press), and next sintered in a vacuum furnace. Sinters containing rhenium are more fine-grained as compared to WNiFe alloys. Their average grain diameters are 11,7 µm and 25,6 µm respectively. Sinters with addition of rhenium are charac-terized by higher hardness, higher tensile and yield stress but lower density and elongation as com-pared to classical heavy alloys.
Authors: Tomasz Majewski
Abstract: Results of investigation of production process and properties of WReNi and WReNiFe sinters are presented in the paper. Methods for production of these sinters are described and exemplary pictures of their microstructures are provided. Mechanical properties of materials obtained from powders with different chemical composition are compared and discussed. Experimental results related to operational characteristics of these heavy metals intended for armor-piercing shell cores are presented.
Authors: Tomasz Majewski
Abstract: Selected measurement results of plasma spheroidization of tungsten and rhenium powders are presented in the paper. The powders can be applied for production of sinters intended for armor-piercing penetrating cores (kinetic energy penetrators) or high-current electric contacts. Spheroidization of these powders was carried out on the stand for plasma spraying in a chamber filled with neutral gas. Changes of shape and size of powder particles after spheroidization are demonstrated. Measurement results of internal stresses in powder particles are presented.
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