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Authors: Tong Qi Zhang
Abstract: In recent years, frames have been the focus of active research, both in theory and applications. In this paper, the notion of multiple affine pseudoframes for subspaces of space is introduced. The concept of a generalized multiresolution structure(GMRS) is proposed. The sufficient condition for the existence of a class of multiple pseudoframes with filter banks is obtained by virtue of a generalized multiresolution structure. An approach for constructing one GMRS of Paley-Wiener subspaces of is presented based on the pyramid decomposition scheme The characteristics of affine pseudoframes for subspaces of space is provided.
Authors: Tong Qi Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, we propose the notion of vector-valued multiresolution analysis and the vector-valued mutivariate wavelet wraps with multi-scale factor of space L2 (Rn, Cv), which are ge- neralizations of multivariate wavelet wraps. An approach for designing a sort of biorthogonal vec- tor-valued wavelet wraps in higher dimensions is presented and their biorthogonality trait is charac- -terized by virtue of integral transform, matrix theory, and operator theory. Two biorthogonality formulas regarding these wavelet wraps are established.
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