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Authors: Satoshi Tanimoto, Kenichi Ueoka, Takaya Fujita, Sawa Araki, Kazu Kojima, Toshiharu Makino, Satoshi Yamasaki
Abstract: A new rectifier, called SPND or SNPD (Schottky-PN or -NP junction diode) and inherently showing low on-resistance and unipolar operation, was experimentally demonstrated for the first time on 4H-SiC. It is structured with an n or a p region of very low doping that is sandwiched and completely depleted between a Schottky junction and a one-sided PN junction. Either electrons or holes, but not both, contribute to the current conduction process. Clear and sharp rectifying properties are observed over the entire range of applied voltage.
Authors: Satoshi Tanimoto, Tatsuhiro Suzuki, Sawa Araki, Toshiharu Makino, Hiromitsu Kato, Masahiko Ogura, Satoshi Yamasaki
Abstract: The long-term reliability of Schottky pn diodes (SPNDs) on diamond having widely used Ti/Pt/Au electrodes was investigated at 500°C in order to identify degradation phenomena at higher temperatures. A vital degradation event was observed after the passage of about 100 hours in that both forward and reverse currents were progressively reduced. AES depth profiling and X-STEM-EELS analyses revealed that this occurred because the Ti contact material changed to insulating (or semiconductive) TiO2, causing large series resistance.
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