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Authors: Yoshiaki Kiyanagi, Takashi Kamiyama, Toshiyuki Nagata, F. Hiraga
Abstract: Neutron imaging using a pulsed neutron time-of-flight method can give an energy dependent transmission image, namely, spectroscopic image. This image includes the structure information if the sample is coherent scatterer. Here, two examples are introduced. First, we obtained the transmission image of a welded sample of SS304 and 308. Change of the crystal structure depending on the position was observed. Furthermore, we measured spatial dependent transmission of SS samples treated in different ways, surface treatment and whole body treatment. There were almost no spatial dependent change, but the cross section change was found between surface and whole body treatment samples. It was suggested that this might be due to the difference of a grain size. These results demonstrated that the spectroscopic imaging using a pulsed neutron source is a useful tool for material characterization.
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