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Authors: Michael Stranz, Uwe Köster
Authors: J. Vacik, Uwe Köster, V. Hnatowicz, J. Cervena, G. Pasold
Abstract: Diffusion of 6Li in the refractory metals Ta and W has been studied using the nondestructive neutron depth profiling technique. The preliminary results point out the complex behavior of 6Li atoms in W and Ta. The experiment showed that the Fickian diffusion is affected by the presence of traps and radiation defects in the sample surface layer. Further experiments and computer simulations of the diffusion process are in progress.
Authors: Michael Stranz, Uwe Köster, F. Katzenberg
Authors: T. Spassov, Uwe Köster
Authors: Lioba Jastrow, Monika Meuris, Uwe Köster
Authors: Uwe Köster, J. Meinhardt, S. Roos, Andreas Rüdiger
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