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Authors: G.E. Kodzhaspirov, A.I. Rudskoy, V.V. Rybin
Abstract: The effect of Thermomechanical Processing (TMP) on the fine structure (dislocation density and fragments evolution), recrystallization, carbide transformations and tendency toward intercrystalline corrosion (ICC) and corrosion-mechanical strength of AISI 321 type steels is described. It’s shown that the grain size and overall amount of carbide phase has almost no effect on ICC. With an increase in dislocation density a tendency is observed toward a reduction in corrosion rate, but increases with an increase in proportion of recrystallized material. This connection is explained by an increasing of the level of local microstresses, which may be arranged structurally in the form of partial disclinations and aggravate ICC. A new test procedure was developed for estimating the corrosion-mechanical strength of steel. It follows from the obtained data that the hot working with the following accelerate cooling under industrial conditions does not develop a tendency toward corrosion cracking in 3% agueous NaCl solution.
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