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Authors: A.I. Ryzhkov, Victor P. Shantarovich
Authors: Yutaka Ito, Nikolay Djourelov, Takenori Suzuki, Kenjiro Kondo, Yasuo Ito, Victor P. Shantarovich, Jun Onoe
Authors: Victor P. Shantarovich, Tetsuya Hirade, I.B. Kevdina, V.W. Gustov, M.S. Arzhakov
Authors: Eleonora Belousova, Vadim Gustov, Tatiana Medintseva, Aleksandra Polyakova, Eduard Prut, Victor P. Shantarovich
Abstract: The structure of isotactic polypropylene (PP) and its blends with ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer EPDM (0-100%) containing the unvulcanized and the vulcanized rubber phase were studied using positron annihilation lifetime (PAL) spectroscopy technique and thermostimulated luminescence (TSL). Cross-linking in the polymer blends is one of the effective ways to create novel materials with effective industrial properties. Meanwhile, composition of such systems is very complicated since it contains microphases of the dispersed components, cross-linked or not, elements of the cross-linking agents, which have some distribution between the blend components. This distribution, heterogeneity and also variation of elementary free volumes due to cross-linking are the points of interest in the study of polymer blend structures.
Authors: L.G. Aravin, A.V. Bobolev, M.K. Filimonov, V.V. Gustov, A.I. Ryzhkov, Victor P. Shantarovich, S.N. Vydrin, A.R. Zainullin
Authors: Yu.A. Novikov, A.V. Rakov, Victor P. Shantarovich
Authors: I.B. Kevdina, Victor P. Shantarovich, V.S. Minaev
Authors: V.T. Adonkin, V.V. Dyakin, B.M. Gorelov, P.O. Gorbic, V.M. Ogenko, Vladimir S. Melnikov, N.P. Pshentsova, I.B. Kevdina, Victor P. Shantarovich
Authors: Victor P. Shantarovich, Takenori Suzuki, Chun Qing He, Nikolay Djourelov, I.B. Kevdina, V.A. Davankov, A.V. Pastukhov, Yasuo Ito
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