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Authors: Tatiana Prikhna, Wolfgang Gawalek, Yaroslav Savchuk, Athanasios G. Mamalis, Vasiliy Tkach, Harold Weber, Tobias Habisreuther, Michael Eisterer, Fridrikh Karau, Michael Wendt, Nina Sergienko, Viktor Moshchil, Artem Kozyrev, Peter Nagorny, Christa Schmidt, Vladimir S. Melnikov, Jan Dellith, Doris Litzkendorf, Jacques G. Noudem, Xavier Chaud, Vladimir Sverdun, Andrey Shapovalov, Alexandra Starostina
Abstract: The critical current density, jc, of high-pressure synthesized MgB2-based balk materials correlates with the amount and distribution of higher borides (MgB12) and Mg-B-O inclusions, which in tern correlates with the synthesis temperature and presence of additions (Ti, Ta, SiC). High-pressure-synthesized materials with near MgB12 composition of matrix exhibited superconducting transition temperature, Tc, of about 37 K, rather high jc (5∙105 and 103 A/cm2 in 0 T and 3.5 T, respectively, at 20 K) and doubled matrix microhardness: 25±1.1 GPa at 4.9 N –load as compared to materials with MgB2).
Authors: Tatiana Prikhna, Wolfgang Gawalek, Yaroslav Savchuk, Nina Sergienko, Viktor Moshchil, Sergey N. Dub, Vladimir Sverdun, Leo Kovalev, Vladimir Penkin, Oleg Rozenberg, Matthias Zeisberger, Michael Wendt, Gunter Fuchs, Chris Grovenor, Sarah Haigh, Vladimir S. Melnikov, Peter Nagorny
Abstract: Addition of Ti and Zr to high-pressure (HP) synthesized MgB2 results in an increase of critical current density of the material due to the absorption of impurity hydrogen coming most likely from the materials of a high-pressure cell. The results of the studies of structure, critical current density, trapped field and mechanical characteristics are discussed. High-pressure synthesized MgB2 (with Ti additions) blocks were for the first time used in a SC electromotor at 20 K and demonstrated the efficiency similar to that of MT-YBCO bulk (at the same working temperature).
Authors: V.T. Adonkin, V.V. Dyakin, B.M. Gorelov, P.O. Gorbic, V.M. Ogenko, Vladimir S. Melnikov, N.P. Pshentsova, I.B. Kevdina, Victor P. Shantarovich
Authors: V.M. Nadutov, N.V. Dan'ko, A.G. Popov, Vladimir S. Melnikov
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