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Authors: Vytautas Grivickas, Augustinas Galeckas, Paulius Grivickas, Jan Linnros
Authors: Muhammad Usman, Anders Hallén, K. Gulbinas, Vytautas Grivickas
Abstract: The radiation hardness of Al2O3 as a dielectric for SiC surface passivation is studied and compared to SiO2 for potential application in radiation hard SiC devices. SiO2 is deposited on 4H-SiC by PECVD and post annealed in N2O, whereas Al2O3 is deposited by atomic layer deposition (ALD). The oxides are bombarded with Ar ions in an energy range to produce maximum damage near the oxide/SiC interface. Metal-insulator-semiconductor structures are prepared and their dielectric characteristics are analyzed using capacitance-voltage measurements. Additionally, the effect of the interface damage on surface recombination is studied using the optical free carrier absorption method for the same samples. The results indicate that the SiO2/SiC interface is significantly affected at 1×1011 cm-2 fluence of Ar ions, however, the dielectric properties of Al2O3/SiC interface remain unaffected even for ten times higher fluences. Similar observations are made for the surface recombination measurements.
Authors: Augustinas Galeckas, Jan Linnros, Vytautas Grivickas, Ulf Lindefelt, Christer Hallin
Authors: Paulius Grivickas, A. Martinez, I. Mikulskas, Vytautas Grivickas, R. Tomašiunas, Jan Linnros, Ulf Lindefelt
Authors: Vytautas Grivickas, K. Gulbinas, Paulius Grivickas, Georgios Manolis, Jan Linnros
Abstract: An alternative approach based on non-equilibrium free-carrier density measurements was used to characterize the fundamental absorption edge of 3C-SiC at room and 77 K temperatures. At 77 K temperature the extracted absorption edge compared well to the previous literature data revealing characteristic thresholds due to the phonon emission assisted transitions. At room temperature the absorption tail due to the phonon absorption assisted transition was revealed up to the value of 0.01 cm-1 exceeding the previous 5 cm-1 limit induced by unintentional sample doping.
Authors: Enn Velmre, Andres Udal, Vytautas Grivickas
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