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Authors: Zhuang Fu, W.X. Yan, Y.Z. Zhao
Abstract: At present, adhesive coating is by far the most widely used technique in the space panel manufacturing. The automatic process level is essential for improving the quality and efficiency of the space solar cell array assembly. In this study, the surface coating model for adhesive dispensing on the space solar cells is obtained, which describes the relationship between the thickness of the adhesive layer on the solar cell, the moving speed of the syringe and the differential pressure. Then the structure of the surface coating robot is presented for the space solar cell arrays assembly. The experimental results have showed that the surface coating robot can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of the space solar cells array assembly. The adhesive no longer outflows and stains the solar cells and the panel. This robot is useful to protect the environment and keep workers away from the poisonous chemicals. Instead of the manual work in space solar cell arrays assembly, the application of the surface coating robot will enhance the development of space industry.
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