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Authors: Ji Hong Liu, Ru Ru Pan, Wei Dong Gao, Hong Xia Jiang
Abstract: The automatic segmentation of flaws and acquisition of parameters in woven fabrics has been achieved. However, the problem is that information of gray information of float is difference with real fabric. It is important to use a fabric that includes the total information of woven fabrics, meanwhile, the fabric was illuminated even. To solve the problem, in this research, images of virtual woven fabrics of plain were developed in order to research the methods of automatic segmentation of flaws and acquisition of parameters in woven fabrics using the images of real woven fabric. The warp and weft float in the fabric were cut from the scan image of real fabric. The fabrics included main information of interlacing of warp and weft, the count, weaving density, and reflection property of real float. It was possible that the fabrics could be used to discuss the problem proving robustness of the algorithms by adding unique flaw to the fabric.
Authors: Jun Lian, Bo Hong Gu, Wei Dong Gao
Abstract: This paper presents a real microstructure model which has the same fiber volume fraction and tows’ spatial configuration with 3D rectangular composites to simulate the ballistic impact damage of the composites struck by steel projectile. The commercial available FEM code of Ls-Dyna was employed to calculate the interaction between the composite targets and steel projectile. From the comparison of residual velocities between simulation and experiment, it is proven the microstructure model can simulate the ballistic penetration with higher precision than the continuum model. The acceleration vs. time curve reveals the complicated interaction between composite and projectile in ballistic penetration. The prominent advantage of the microstructure model is that it can simulate the local damage mode of the composites at real microstructure level and obtain vivid simulating results.
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