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Authors: Wei Min Liang, Jun Feng Qiao, Zeng Zhang Guo
Abstract: In mining area, the ground surface level is lowered and curved after the claps of cover-layers of coal-seams evacuated regions. The curvature variation of ground surface causes the variation of contact-surface relation between the structure base and the ground foundation. For this research, the position of maximum curvature variation point is predicted. At this position, for the potentially worst case, the contact-length between structure base and ground foundation is calculated. Then, the internal bending moment within the structure base caused by the ground foundation curvature variation is formulated by taking the contact-length as variable. The results show that the base bending moment is a function of fourth power of contact-length. Based on this result, the critical value of contact-length in mining area is established. Hence, the critical contact-length concept can be taken as a measure of curvature variation in mining area.
Authors: Jin Xing Wang, Kun Zhang, Wei Min Liang, Yong Qiang Yu
Abstract: Experiments of direct tension creep on granite under uniaxial tensile stress condition were conducted to study the behaviors of long-term deformation and characteristics of acoustic emission. Test results indicate that there exists linear relationship between minimum strain rate and creep life on log-log coordinate, and that relationship between minimum strain rate and remaining creep life is also linear on log-log plot. According to the relationships, equations were developed to predict tension creep life of rocks. In the tertiary creep stage, there exists inversely-proportional relationship between axial strain and residual life, and the relationship was used to estimate residual life of a rock material.
Authors: Jin Xing Wang, Wei Min Liang, Yong Qiang Yu
Abstract: Non-linear stress-strain characteristics and strain dependency of stiffness of saturated soils at small strain level have been reported by many researchers. However, the non-linear stiffness of unsaturated soils is not fully studied. The aim of this study is to clarify main factors affecting the non-linear stiffness of unsaturated soil at small strain range for a precise prediction of various ground deformations. Experiments were conducted with both sand and cohesive soil, by using a triaxial apparatus developed for small strain measurement. As the important factors for mechanical behaviour of unsaturated soils under small strain range, the effects of suction and mean net stress, which introduce the decrease of void ratio and degree of saturation, were discussed in the study.
Authors: You Kai Wang, En Wang, Wei Min Liang
Abstract: The contact stress between subgrade and subgrade plate was regarded as external force to subgrade. The circular subgrade is divided into rings, and supposing that the contact stress on rings is exerted on elastic subgrade sequentially. The potential energy functions of Bossinesq subgrade are derived by using superposition theorem and Bossinesq solution of elastic mechanics. The potential energy functions were given for the whole system of subgrade, subgrade plate and external forces. The displacement and stress state can be calculated with the principle of minimum potential energy through the potential energy function of the whole system.
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