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Authors: Lin Hu Tang, Jian Long Huang, Li Ming Xie, Wen Cui Luo
Abstract: The influence of cutting conditions on temperature of CBN cutting tool edge during dry hard machining of hardened AISI D2 tool steel (62±1HRC) is investigated in this paper. Measuring cutting tool edge temperature with experimental methods is time-consuming and diseconomy in dry hard machining. In this paper, Johnson–Cook model is utilized to propose finite element (FE) orthogonal cutting model. The FE model is properly calibrated based on the comparison between experimental resultant forces obtained from literatures and simulated resultant forces. Then, the FE model is utilized to predict influence of cutting speed and depth of cut on cutting tool edge temperature in dry hard machining hardened AISI D2 tool steel. As shown from this investigation, the maximum temperature in the secondary deformation zone is a little lower than that in the rake face of tool tip. And maximum temperature in high-temperature zone is in the range of 984-1065K.
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