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Authors: Yi Li, Bo Sun, Wen Zhao
Abstract: An accelerating calculation of reliability analysis on strength and stiffness for frame structure was derived. The method of numerical analysis was combined with recurrence formula, to generatelimit state function of continual variational structure. This methodcan simplify the algorithm for identifying systemic dominant failure modes, because the repeated assembly of global stiffness matrix and repeated inverse matrix operation in analysis are avoided. A new criterion of degenerating the structure into mechanism is introduced. Continual analysis of variational structure can be realized.
Authors: Hai Xia Sun, Wen Zhao, Qi Zhou, Zhao Zhang
Abstract: Soil Pressure in the chamber is one of the important construction parameters. It is very important to set up reasonable soil Pressure in the chamber for controlling the ground settlement, promoting the peed of drift and lowering the cost of drifting. Take some subway tunnel for example, and carry out the 3D finite element simulation. In order to investigate the influence on ground settlement from soil pressure in the chamber, take 15% of the progressive increase in earth pressure to simulate over-balance conditions and also take 15% of the progressive decrease in earth pressure to simulate under-balance conditions. The results indicated that while the soil pressure achieves equilibrium, the swell and the settlement are all small. While over-equilibrium, the swell increases, on the contrary, the settlement increases while under-equilibrium. So, a good control over the soil pressure is one of the most effective therapies for decreasing the ground settlement.
Authors: Wen Zhao, Yan Xu, Hai Xia Sun
Abstract: Large particle-size, shallow groundwater level, and large permeate coefficient are the characteristics of gravel stratum, which may results in large ground deformation. Ground deformation depends on several factors. Using the RFPA2D-Flow software exploited by the Center for Rock Instability and Seismic Research of Northeastern University (CRISR), the seepage-stress-deformation coupling rules of soil, which are influenced by different soil distributing, drawdown, enclosure and excavating, were analyzed, and the deformation of gravel in the dynamic balance due to the interaction between seepage and stress is studied.
Authors: Shen Gang Li, Wen Zhao, Di Wu, You Ping Li
Abstract: To inject in coarse sand strata and medium sand strata with cement grout is difficult in subway engineering. To test the component, particle size and viscosity of THE II sand consolidation agent ,the engineering property is got.To calculate the groutability of the grout material in gravel sand strata, coarse sand strata , medium sand strata and fine sand strata of Shenyang strata,it is feasible to inject the grout material into shenyang sandy strata.Research and engineering indicate that the grout material is high groutable and the reinforcement effect is good.
Authors: Guo Feng Wang, Wen Zhao, Yong Ping Guan, Shen Gang Li
Abstract: The selection of material parameters relates to the excavation stability of the underground caverns. However, back analysis is an efficient method to evaluate mechanical parameters. Given the defects of BP neural network, such as low capability of generalization and long training time, by using GA, which have global optimization ability to optimize the BP neural network weights. The parameter of surrounding rock was designed by uniform and orthogonal method, not only reduced the iterative time also improved the accuracy of the prediction. The proposed method is further illustrated with its application to the underground cavern of Lvchunba railway tunnel. Based on the surrounding rock’s parameters obtained by back analysis, the displacement of the surrounding rock was predicted. The results showed that the error between numerical calculation value and actual monitoring value was 13.2%,-8.3%,-8.9%,9.4% respectively.
Authors: Feng Yun Yang, Wen Zhao, Mao Lin Xu
Abstract: Discuss monitoring way of slope sliding of ANGANG open mine on Robotic Measuring System TM30 technology and processing data’s method, according to survey speciafication of deformation observation, analyses deformation result and compares it with speciafication of deformation observation, reports it to the mine company to insure safety and stability of mine produce. Deformation monitoring on Robotic total station TM30 that is Observation flexible, high precision and high efficiency is worth spreading.
Authors: Yan Xu, Zhen Shun Liu, Wen Zhao
Abstract: Subway construction involves a large number of excavation engineering. For the restrictions caused by conditions on the spot,Many foundation pits projects showed some features of clear spatial effects, complex stress characteristics,multiplex affecting factors, it often can not be suit for the applicable conditions of the existed earth pressure theory very well. On the background of BeiLing Station Passageway construction in Shenyang Subway Line No.2, Through counting and analyzing the results of three-dimensional numerical simulation in detail,summing up regulations of Taishan bridge abutment displacement in the horizontal plane. Force act on 4,5foundations fender post present trapezium and parabola distribution with depth respectively. So it is concluded the properties of foundation pit earth pressure, proposing a simple calculating model comparing its results with numerical simulation results to verify the reasonableness of the model. So the problem which is how to calculate the earth pressure under the complexity of obvious spatial effects and a variety of environmental conditions can be solved and reference experiences on the calculation of earth pressure can be provided to similar Follow-up projects
Authors: Lin Liu, Wen Zhao
Abstract: The ranging greater than 3m is not accorded with china engineering construction standardization association standard TECHNOLOGICAL SPECIFICATION FOR INSPECTION OF CONCRETE DEFECTS BY ULTRASONIC METHOD[CECS 21:200 (Transducer spacing is 2~3m). This paper studied large ranging of ultrasonic test mass concrete structure, and analyzed a project instance that was inspected the internal defects of mass concrete structures with various test methods, compared of those results. As detection is shown, first, with the test distance increased to 5.1m, the velocity of sound shows a linear trend of continuous development trend. Second, responds to improve of concrete strength, the velocity of sound increases, but not shows a linear trend. In addition, with the test distance increasing, concrete strength increases, but the velocity is down. A large ranging of ultrasonic test method was developed based on these observations.
Authors: Yan Xu, Zhen Shun Liu, Wen Zhao, Xiao Yan Feng
Abstract: Taking Shenyang metro line 2 concentrated in digging deep foundation pit on Beiling station entrance arch bridge abutment in TaiShan road for engineering background, using numerical analysis software "MIDAS" - GTS the article simulates construction step and sequence, then analysis deformation low and stress characteristics of palisade structure, at the same time, it predicts displacement trend about arch bridge abutment, so that it could get the simplified results between abutment foundation and horizontal thrust retaining piles together with change rule of earth pressure along depth and construction process. There is certain significance for this article to other similar engineering research.
Authors: Juan Xia Zhang, Junjie Liu, Chun An Tang, Xu Chang, Shu Hong Wang, Wancheng Zu, Wen Zhao
Abstract: Reinforced concrete structures are generally designed to allow cracking under service loading. Accurate modeling of crack formation and propagation at lower load levels is therefore important. In this paper, a Material Failure Process Analysis code (MFPA2D) is used to model the crack initiation and propagation in reinforced concrete bridge pier subjected to eccentric loading. In our numerical model, the reinforced concrete is assumed to be a three-phase composite composed of concrete, reinforcement and interfaces between them. Numerically obtained results of cracking loads and global load-displacement response agree well with experimentally measured values. It has been found that the fracture of the concrete observed at the macroscopic level is predominated by tensile damage at the mesoscopic level.
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